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The public announcement PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT

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On hold2019Beijing world horticultural exposition in guangxi exhibits audition notification
About a flower association in guangxi The sixth member congress three meeting notice
About the flower association, vice President of guangxi as a dismissal notice

The dynamic association ASSOCIATION NEWS

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2019Beijing exposition exhibits audition in gold tea park in guangxi
2018China-The association of south-east Asian nations (asean) trees was opened Guangxi flower gardening stunning appearance
Guangxi flower association delegation to attend the first inter-korean cooperation joint conference bougainvillea industry and international institute of bougainvillea founding conference

Industry news INDUSTRY NEWS

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LuXinShe,Chen wu led inspection guidance2019The park in Beijing“Day in guangxi”Preparatory work
2019In the park in Beijing“Day in guangxi”
Beijing world horticultural exposition review unveiled for the first time Guangxi indoor exhibits holding back60A prize


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LanKeShi, guangxi academy of agricultural sciences welcome belongs to the research into the fast lane
He Qixiang BaGui vegetation—See how plant spices industry in guangxi“Alliance”Turnaround
The first world jasmine conference held in heng county of guangxi
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Flowers and trees to the encyclopedia KNOWLEDGE

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Flower association
Flower association
2018Western China international exhibition of flowers gardening11Month28Day was held in chengdu
2018China·Hefei nursery stock flowers trading conference10Month19Day was held in hefei
Guangxi local standards《China rose cultivation technology procedures》
Guangxi local standards《Treasure towel(Bougainvillea)Planting technology procedures》
Outdoor and indoor flowers flower arrangement
Do not use not rotten fertilizer family working in the garden
Potted plant cycad leaf what controlling method?
Home flowers to the appropriate lighting
New technology of edible cactus cultivation
Flowers in the home to also want to pay attention to air humidity

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